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Welcome to our Odlo Shop of Sü

In our Odlo Outdoor Shop you will find innovative, highly functional clothing for sporty outdoor activities on both hot and cold days. Whether for jogging, cycling or for more challenging sports, Odlo offers the perfect companion for every occasion with its revolutionary sportswear. Odlo is the inventor of the 3-layer principle and develops powerful underwear, tec shirts, raincoats or even special trousers to provide you with perfect protection against wind and rain in all weather conditions. Under the slogan "Always one step ahead", outdoor enthusiasts are regularly fascinated by the new technologies such as the antibacterial "Effect by Odlo" or the recyclable Greentec material.


How it all started ...


The Norwegian company Odlo was founded in 1946 by Odd Roar Lofterød. At the beginning of the company's history, functional trousers were manufactured for winter sportsmen, which developed into a full success. Because of this, in 1963, the cross-thinker Odd Roar Lofterød developed his first, highly functional and elastic racing suit from the Helenca synthetic fiber. After the Norwegian national ski team had worn the racing suits of Odlo at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck, 25 sports clubs were already equipped with Odlo sportswear in the winter Olympics in Sapporo. In the following years, the technologies and materials already used in cross-country skiing or speed skating were transferred to other activities such as cycling or running. This has also resulted in a division into the skiing, cross-country, running, bike and outdoor areas. By developing further technologies, such as the Temperature Control System (TCS), which subdivides Odlo's functional underwear into four temperature ranges, or the MuscleForce series, which optimally supports ski racers during downhill runs, Odlo has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of functional sportswear ,


In our Odlo Outdoor Shop from South-West we offer you a wide range of functional underwear, trousers, jackets, shirts or even accessories such as hats and gloves for all sports activities. Discover our huge selection now!